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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Webcam Modeling: Choosing a Site

In a previous post, I talked about the different types of models. Making a decison about which is the right style of camming for you is difficult. This post will revolve around choosing to be a camsite model.

What you need to consider
  • Pay: look for a site that offers a fair payout and conversion rate. Understand what the currency is worth. Not all sites run off of dollar amounts. Most sites will use some kind of token as currency. Members typically purchase them at a higher value than what they are worth to you. The camsite will take a percentage to pay for their services. What are the payment options?
  • Support: is support easily available and professional?
  • Traffic: is there a good amount of traffic and is it quality traffic? Just because a site has a large amount of traffic, does not mean that all of the traffic will tip or purchase content from you. 
  • Interface: look for a site that has an easy to use and useful interface. Can you send offline messages to users? Can you host a profile? Can you host videos and pictures? Is there a ranking system? Are there tools to help you manage your chatroom?
  • Models: a site without many models is often a dead site or one you should be very cautious of. Don't view other broadcasters as your competition. A site with an abundance of models may make it harder to get noticed, but it is proof that the site is favored and growing. 

Red Flags
  • Promoters or talent scouts: sometimes people will approach you and insist they are scouting only the best models for their site. They may ask you to download some kind of messenger to chat with them. They may ask you for personal information. They may also ask you for "samples" of your work. Pay attention to the way they speak and how professional they are. Most of the time this approach is some kind of scam. 
  • New Site: camsites are popping up every day now. It's not a hard thing to code. The hard parts of running a camsite are payouts, advertising, server space, and legal support. Most new site owners don't realize this and the sites will go down quickly. It may be illegal or it may be they can't afford it. Either way, a lot of models never see their paychecks in this situation.
  • Social Media: do they have tact on their social media? This is pretty much common sense. If they look sketchy, they probably are sketchy. Stay far far away from it. 
  • Terms of Service: if you never read the TOS, this is the one time in your life you need to. If the TOS states that they share your personal information with any third parties, do not register. Keep in mind that a site you register with will have all of your banking and contact information. It is never ok for them to share this with additional services outside of a payment or legal department. If you are not ok with the site using your images forever and how they wish, please read the TOS. Know what kind of a digital contract you are signing.
Popular Camsites

Click the link to be taken directly to the site.

Signing Up

The sign up process is usually quick and easy. You will find the model application page and enter the information as it directs you. Do not make the mistake of creating a member account. Read carefully and follow the instructions. It will ask for your performer information and real information separately. You will choose how you would like to receive payment and you will be asked to submit ID. Be careful when filling out the forms so that you don't accidentally post personal information somewhere it shouldn't be.