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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What is webcam modeling?

A webcam model can be either female, male, or transgender. The majority of these people provide adult entertainment via a camsite. A camsite is a platform where viewers can see who is broadcasting and choose to tip them. Most camsites take a percentage of the tips.

We each are different and create our own image. We cater to all different types of men and women's desires or needs. It is not just about getting naked in front of your computer and masturbating. In fact, many girls don't get naked at all. Webcam modeling can be anything you want it to be. While the majority of models provide some sort of adult entertainment, there are hundreds who offer only companionship.

There are three general types of models.

Independent Model: doesn't use a camsite platform for clients or advertising. These models are also known as "indie models." They typically use Skype to broadcast with and Paypal as payment. (Which I highly do NOT recommend and will be discussed in future posts.) This type of model relies heavily on social media marketing skills to earn their clients and fanbase. Works from home and splits payment with no one.

Camsite Model: uses a broadcasting platform that provides payment options, a steady flow of clients, video/picture hosting, profiles, support, advertisement, contests, etc. These models share the site with hundreds to thousands of other models. The competition is often fierce and most work from home. A percentage of payment is split with the site in return for the services it provides.

Studio Model: goes through a studio service that uses a camsite in order to obtain additional perks. Studios are professional office spaces designed specifically for camming and often equipped with the best technology and internet available. Studios sometimes offer savings plans for cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Sometimes they provide costumes, lingerie, and additional novelty items for the performers. The negative part to studios is that some are ran very poorly and in foreign countries. The models are not treated well and it is debated whether or not they play a role in the sex trafficking industry. A percentage of payment is split with the studio and the site as well in return for the services provided.