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Friday, September 11, 2015

How to Ship

Hi there! Shipping as a camgirl can be frustrating and awkward. You don’t know where to begin and you want to be safe. This article will teach you everything you need to know about safety, discretion, and professionalism!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Basic G/G Show Guide

A list of important things to consider when experimenting with G/G shows.

  • Are you bi, lesbian, or straight?
    • Understanding your sexuality and being open to the other party about it will make things much easier. 
  • What are your intentions?
    • Some shows are strictly planned for business and others are more about developing lasting bonds with each other. You should choose to get to know someone who shares the same feelings and intentions. 
  • Discuss boundaries
    • Knowing the limits of the other person is crucial to planning activities together on and offline. 
  • Observe their room to compare your cam styles and success rates
    • Some cam styles just don't mix. A private based model and a public based model would have a difficult time planning a show together. It's not impossible by any means, especially if it's easy for one or the other to switch for the time being. 
  • Sexual wellness
    • Sexually transmitted diseases are always a risk. You need to be open to the idea of being tested or asking your potential partner to be tested.
  • Personal details
    • It seems so silly but you do need to know a ridiculous amount of personal details. A lot of people are allergic to pets, metals, rubbers, latex, and certain foods. Remember that these things can easily be avoided and proper communication is key.
  • Are you or your person of interest single?
    • If you or your model of interest is not single it is extremely important to consider their partners feelings about the whole situation. Bringing a new sexual partner into your life (whether it be for business or more) can always lead to hurt feelings. It's easy to feel jealous and lonely.
  • Do you or your person of interest have children?
    • You're probably going to want to make arrangements for your children to stay elsewhere during the visit.
  • Transportation/accommodation costs and arrangements 
    • Decide on a meeting location. If you're going to meet in the middle or if someone is flying/driving to the other party. Are you sharing costs? Will you split before or after the show? How are you sending payment?
  • Length of visit
    • Self explanatory but a few key things. Don't rush it! (unless you have to) Take your time and get to know each other. Things will feel much more natural if you spend a week together vs. two days. 
  • Who's account will you broadcast from?
    • Why does this matter? Because if you don't trade off, then only one person's camscore, followers, or content sales increase. 
  • How will you split the money?
    • Depends on what site you work on. If you can tip it onsite to the other model, that's usually the best way. Also consider if you're going 50/50 or a different approach. Sometimes established models will broadcast with newer models but take a higher cut for providing newer models with experience and exposure. Don't be greedy and offer/accept what you truly believe is fair. 
  • Will you make videos/pictures?
    • Schedule time to create content together and decide on how it will be sold. Do you forever earn a percent of the other person's sales? Or do you each keep what you make and not worry about it?
  • Jealousy is an ugly and nasty thing
    • Even the smallest things can make it all fall apart. It's all fun and games until the chatroom decides which girl is their favorite. It can leave one person feeling really insecure and upset. No one wants to be compared to the other. Talk about this and understand that no matter what the members say, you both will support eachother and do what's best for one another.
  • Be honest
    • The final and most important piece of advice. You should always be considerate of the other model's feelings, but you shouldn't be afraid to give your honest opinion. It's better to tell it how it is than to lie or hide things. 

Building a Profile

Follow these instructions for how to design a profile a profile on Chaturbate

1. design graphics in paint/photoshop or some kind of editor program. The approximate maximum width for a profile graphic on Chaturbate is 900 pixels. If you make the image larger than 900 pixels, your profile may become distorted or cut off. I usually design my profiles to be 900 x 2000. You can create separate graphics for each new section/topic/rules etc. but I like mine to flow in one image. Remember you must have separate graphics if you want to make a section a clickable link. (This is the easiest way to do it for beginners.)

2. save your images as a JPEG file

3. upload to an ADULT FRIENDLY image host site like: http://postimage.org/ (if it’s not adult friendly your images will be removed and your profile will appear broken/blank when it happens)

4. copy the "direct link"

5. Open an html editor like: http://www.quackit.com/html/online-html-editor/ (Make sure you delete all of the default text) Hover over icons and get to know the interface. It’s really easy to use! Just have patience :)

6. Click the “image” icon and an image properties window will popup. (There are two tabs available for selection in that window. "Image Info" and "Link.")

7. Select "image info" tab and paste "direct link" into the URL box

8. OPTIONAL: If you are trying to make a clickable image, select the "Link" tab in the popup window and paste the website you want it to go to into the URL box. (This is where you put the link to your twitter, amazon etc. Not the “direct” image link)

9. Click "ok"

Tip: In the “image properties” popup window, under the "image info" tab, you can set the size of an image with "width" and "height." This works great for making uniform sizes but be careful not to stretch and distort images like this. It’s always best to create the size you want in photoshop first. I recommend using something like 100x100 pixels. Very easy to work with!

10. Repeat these steps until you have all your images into the editor.

11. Arrange your images how you want. This is where you can center things and line them up perfectly. Don’t go to crazy with alignment because sometimes it doesn’t work that well on a Chaturbate profile. Again, keep it pretty simple.

12. Click the "source button" on the editor

13. Copy the coding

14. Paste the code into the "about me" section on Chaturbate

15. Save your profile and you’re done! :)

Additional Tips:
**Don’t close the editor until you’re sure the profile is how you want it to be

**Save your source code in a word document in case you accidently delete or mess up your bio on Chaturbate.

**Put your high tips, room rules, about me, upcoming events, social media, FAQ, etc. in your bio

**Keep it simple. You will get better and more creative each time you do this. Don’t worry too much if it’s your first one.

**Design clean and easy-to-read graphics. Cursive is murder on the eyes.

**Do you want to make text into a link? Type it out in the editor, highlight the text, press the “link” button, and a link window will popup. Enter your link in the appropriate space and click ok. Done! Just copy the source and paste it where you want into your profile on Chaturbate.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why a newbie should choose Chaturbate first

I won't say that any camsite is better than the other, but I will say that some fit just right. Like a good pair of old sneakers. Here's a list of reasons why a newbie broadcaster should choose Chaturbate first though:

  • More traffic - You can build up a fanbase easier and faster with all of the traffic. Having more people in your room is more fun for everyone. Having fun = being personable. Being personable = tips or at least a fun night. WIN WIN!
  • No camscore - You are not ranked, rated, or compared to other girls. Chaturbate is default sorted by the most amount of viewers. Which means absolutely nothing other than "hey sexy, lookin' good. I might or might not tip. I'll probably lurk and freeload. " You can stay online as long as you want! There is no pressure to earn tips. It's perfectly ok to fail or just be who you want to be. 
  • Close Community - The lack of pressure to compete has created a friendly and tight knit community willing to welcome and help all. 
  • Great Model Support - Ok let's be honest for a minute. General support fucking sucks. Don't even try. You get badly copy pasted answers from obviously foreign technicians. However, MODEL support is the best there is and it's just one person. Her name is Shirley and you will learn to love her.

To sum it all up, Chaturbate is great place to start for those who don't care to compete or are just learning. I honestly believe that there is more money to be made on MFC but it's a very small percentage of top models who hold the wealth. On Chaturbate, even the small roooms stand a chance and can earn quite a bit. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Camera Equipment


Using your built in laptop camera is a bad idea.
  1. The quality will be poor
  2. You can't move it around for different angles

This is the Logitech C920. It is $59.99 on Amazon and one of the most popular webcams used right now. There is a newer series out called the Logitech C930e but the specs are exactly the same. I only recommend it if you are a Mac user because it is Mac compatible. It is more expensive than the C920 because it is prettier and comes with a lens cap.

Broadcasting Software

Using a broadcasting software can in improve your show in a number of ways. It can also make it easier for you. When I’m broadcasting, I use a simple and easy to use software called Manycam. You can download a trial version for free from here: http://manycam.com/
(I do highly recommend the paid version though) Manycam isn’t the only software available. There are tons of programs, free and paid. But it is the most simple one to use and with the best features in my opinion. You don’t need a fancy or complicated setup.

Scammers and Freeloaders

Below is a list of behavior common to that of someone trying to scam or freeload from you. Beware of these individuals and know how to handle the situation. I recommend a simple and quick ban to avoid drama in the room. I like to explain the ban before the scammer has a chance to try and make it seem like everything was my fault.