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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why a newbie should choose Chaturbate first

I won't say that any camsite is better than the other, but I will say that some fit just right. Like a good pair of old sneakers. Here's a list of reasons why a newbie broadcaster should choose Chaturbate first though:

  • More traffic - You can build up a fanbase easier and faster with all of the traffic. Having more people in your room is more fun for everyone. Having fun = being personable. Being personable = tips or at least a fun night. WIN WIN!
  • No camscore - You are not ranked, rated, or compared to other girls. Chaturbate is default sorted by the most amount of viewers. Which means absolutely nothing other than "hey sexy, lookin' good. I might or might not tip. I'll probably lurk and freeload. " You can stay online as long as you want! There is no pressure to earn tips. It's perfectly ok to fail or just be who you want to be. 
  • Close Community - The lack of pressure to compete has created a friendly and tight knit community willing to welcome and help all. 
  • Great Model Support - Ok let's be honest for a minute. General support fucking sucks. Don't even try. You get badly copy pasted answers from obviously foreign technicians. However, MODEL support is the best there is and it's just one person. Her name is Shirley and you will learn to love her.

To sum it all up, Chaturbate is great place to start for those who don't care to compete or are just learning. I honestly believe that there is more money to be made on MFC but it's a very small percentage of top models who hold the wealth. On Chaturbate, even the small roooms stand a chance and can earn quite a bit.