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Friday, September 11, 2015

How to Ship

Hi there! Shipping as a camgirl can be frustrating and awkward. You don’t know where to begin and you want to be safe. This article will teach you everything you need to know about safety, discretion, and professionalism!

Where to Begin

The first and most important decision regarding shipping is knowing you need to be ok with people knowing your general location. It’s impossible to ship completely anonymously.


Step 1: Get a USPS P.O. Box
  • When setting up a P.O. box, I recommend getting one close to you but not too close. Go for a major city or somewhere within a 2 hour drive.

It’s ok to use your real name when setting up a P.O. box. Make sure that you approve your alter ego to send and receive packages from it though.

Step 2: Supplies and Shipping
  • Vacuum Sealer
    • When shipping panties (etc.) it’s really important to vacuum seal them and pack them properly. If you ship a pair of panties “wet” they will mold in the mail. Even when vacuum sealing, it’s best to leave them air dry for a bit. I do NOT recommend sealing panties in ziploc bags. For maximum “scent” and “freshness”, always seal!
  • Bubble Envelopes
    • I like to ship all of my items in 6x9” brown bubble envelopes. They’re discreet and small.
  • Printer
    • If you want to maximize on efficiency you will start printing postage and labels from home.
  • Weigh Scale
    • In order to ship from home, buy a weigh scale to calculate the correct weight for postage.
  • Stamps.com Account
    • I print all of my postage from stamps.com. It’s super fast and easy. Just make sure you set-up your account correctly. Your return address should be your P.O. Box and “business” name. You get discounts here too!
  • Peel and Stick Labels
    • You can print labels on normal paper, but peel and stick labels are super easy and cheap. You can order them from Amazon in bulk. Make sure they are compatible and the correct size for stamps.com labels.

Make sure you ship all of your packages from the same location as your P.O. box. Shipping packages from your house, locally, or elsewhere will mark the packages with that city and state.

When I first started shipping, I hand wrote all of my labels and waited in line for post office employees to put postage on every single package. This was really time consuming and inefficient. It was made worse when shipping internationally.

International Shipping

When shipping internationally, you must fill out a customs form. These forms are available on stamps.com but you can request them at the post office as well. If you want to fill them out by hand, you can ask for a stack there.

Tips and Suggestions
  • Check items as a “gift”
  • When describing items, put jewelry. In some countries, you cannot ship any clothing in.
  • Put the value around $5-10
  • Shipping panties is actually a biohazard. Obviously don’t put panties on anything.
  • Don’t sign for packages or any forms with your real name. You don’t have to use your cam name (especially if it’s too pornstar-like) but come up with something similar and “normal.”