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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Basic G/G Show Guide

A list of important things to consider when experimenting with G/G shows.

  • Are you bi, lesbian, or straight?
    • Understanding your sexuality and being open to the other party about it will make things much easier. 
  • What are your intentions?
    • Some shows are strictly planned for business and others are more about developing lasting bonds with each other. You should choose to get to know someone who shares the same feelings and intentions. 
  • Discuss boundaries
    • Knowing the limits of the other person is crucial to planning activities together on and offline. 
  • Observe their room to compare your cam styles and success rates
    • Some cam styles just don't mix. A private based model and a public based model would have a difficult time planning a show together. It's not impossible by any means, especially if it's easy for one or the other to switch for the time being. 
  • Sexual wellness
    • Sexually transmitted diseases are always a risk. You need to be open to the idea of being tested or asking your potential partner to be tested.
  • Personal details
    • It seems so silly but you do need to know a ridiculous amount of personal details. A lot of people are allergic to pets, metals, rubbers, latex, and certain foods. Remember that these things can easily be avoided and proper communication is key.
  • Are you or your person of interest single?
    • If you or your model of interest is not single it is extremely important to consider their partners feelings about the whole situation. Bringing a new sexual partner into your life (whether it be for business or more) can always lead to hurt feelings. It's easy to feel jealous and lonely.
  • Do you or your person of interest have children?
    • You're probably going to want to make arrangements for your children to stay elsewhere during the visit.
  • Transportation/accommodation costs and arrangements 
    • Decide on a meeting location. If you're going to meet in the middle or if someone is flying/driving to the other party. Are you sharing costs? Will you split before or after the show? How are you sending payment?
  • Length of visit
    • Self explanatory but a few key things. Don't rush it! (unless you have to) Take your time and get to know each other. Things will feel much more natural if you spend a week together vs. two days. 
  • Who's account will you broadcast from?
    • Why does this matter? Because if you don't trade off, then only one person's camscore, followers, or content sales increase. 
  • How will you split the money?
    • Depends on what site you work on. If you can tip it onsite to the other model, that's usually the best way. Also consider if you're going 50/50 or a different approach. Sometimes established models will broadcast with newer models but take a higher cut for providing newer models with experience and exposure. Don't be greedy and offer/accept what you truly believe is fair. 
  • Will you make videos/pictures?
    • Schedule time to create content together and decide on how it will be sold. Do you forever earn a percent of the other person's sales? Or do you each keep what you make and not worry about it?
  • Jealousy is an ugly and nasty thing
    • Even the smallest things can make it all fall apart. It's all fun and games until the chatroom decides which girl is their favorite. It can leave one person feeling really insecure and upset. No one wants to be compared to the other. Talk about this and understand that no matter what the members say, you both will support eachother and do what's best for one another.
  • Be honest
    • The final and most important piece of advice. You should always be considerate of the other model's feelings, but you shouldn't be afraid to give your honest opinion. It's better to tell it how it is than to lie or hide things.