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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Broadcasting Software

Using a broadcasting software can in improve your show in a number of ways. It can also make it easier for you. When I’m broadcasting, I use a simple and easy to use software called Manycam. You can download a trial version for free from here: http://manycam.com/
(I do highly recommend the paid version though) Manycam isn’t the only software available. There are tons of programs, free and paid. But it is the most simple one to use and with the best features in my opinion. You don’t need a fancy or complicated setup.

How can Manycam improve your show?

  • Adjust the coloring, exposure, and contrast of your cam
  • Add filters, borders, and backgrounds
  • Display important text, watermarks, time, and timers
  • Picture in picture capability
    • Ever want to do a show with two or three different angles at the same time? This is what will allow you to do that. You simply select multiple input devices from interface and how you want them displayed.
  • Record your shows
    • The only tricky thing is making sure that you are recording your audio as well. It is simple but important you double check :) I’ve forgotten a few times now.
  • Capture your shows in pictures
    • Manycam has a neat feature that will let choose settings for snapshots to be taken every few minutes
  • Tons of audio effects and options
    • You can customize your own playlists and have the audio overlayed on your cam. It’s a cool feature but I don’t recommend using it on Chaturbate. They use a cheap audio codec and this will not improve the quality of your audio or background music.
  • Endless creativity and advertisement options when you master the program
    • Manycam has the tools to allow you to create commercials on cam. Have a new video? Play a small teaser clip of it in the corner. Show can broadcast videos and pictures on top of your feed. Want to advertise a raffle? Throw up a promo pic for a second.