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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scammers and Freeloaders

Below is a list of behavior common to that of someone trying to scam or freeload from you. Beware of these individuals and know how to handle the situation. I recommend a simple and quick ban to avoid drama in the room. I like to explain the ban before the scammer has a chance to try and make it seem like everything was my fault.

  • Making sneaky questions or compliments to get you to do something for free
  • Offering to pay after the show
  • Requesting a show before you have received gifted items/payment
    • they will cancel the order after the show
  • Making you feel like you owe them something
  • Ridiculous amounts of payment
    • "I'll give you 10,000 tokens to watch my cam for an hour"
  • Requesting refunds
  • Mentioning they personally know site admins
  • Mentioning direct correspondence with site admins
  • Constant price negotiations
  • Calling or messaging repeatedly for attention
  • Have consistent problems with payment options
  • Cannot follow simple directions from you
  • Will try to hold your attention with empty promises
  • Will try to make you feel greedy
  • Try to make you feel not worthy