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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shaving Tips

Ever have problems shaving your lady bits? You shave one day and the very next you have stubble again. You and I both know that the HD cam is not forgiving on "5 o'clock" shadow either. If you are as picky as I am sometimes you will attempt to shave again. The second day in a row typically results in some painful razor rash or cuts and nicks. I've learned a few tricks to stay smooth that don't involve an awkward waxing either.

  • If you are rocking a bush or a fairly long landing strip I would advise you to shave with an electric razor and then a bladed razor. Blades tend to pull or rip at longer hair.

  • If you are a little bit preckly, maybe you shaved a few days ago, it won't usually hurt to use a blade. I recommend using a conditioning type that will be a little easier on your skin though. My favorite brand is the Schick Intuition that lathers and shaves at the same time. This one is hypo allergenic with aloe vera and Vitamin E. I pair it with a shaving cream called Coochy

  • Now here's the secret for that next day shave. The one that seems to be so painful when there's barely anything to shave off. Get yourself an electric razor and don't fuss over the quality. The one I use was only $5 from Dollar General. Try to choose a cordless one with a flat shaving part like the one below. This one is called a Clio Palmperfect and is on amazon for $18. Pull your skin tight a press down (not too hard). The electric razor should give you a close shave with less irritation, but remember they can "burn" you too so just be gentle. Afterwards, I apply another product from Coochy which is their after shave mist. Find it on amazon here. It will calm any irritation and tighten skin pores for a baby smooth.